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About Jonna.Studio

Jonna.Studio is the colloboration of Jonna Leigh and IzzyL.  We realized that the petite market is vastly underserved and we're here to bridge that gap with finest elegnce possible! 

Our styles are flattering for petite body types.  You'll see our art on models and discerning people who are all 5'2" and under.  Since both Jonna & Izzy are 5' tall, we get it!

You'll find at that we only use exquisite silks, fabulous leathers and other high end materials.  Anything you can dream of, we can make reality. 

Look around the website.  Notice our attention to detail and let your next outfit be a dream come true!

How do I get a Jonna.Studio dress?
To get on the wait list to have make your next ball gown, gala dress, wedding gown or any dress of your dreams is easy! 
Email us with details and send a fee of 1500.  This is not the total cost of the dress. 

What do your dresses cost?
Average wedding dresses cost 7,000 - 42,000 and take up to 9 months to make.  We will be in touch to let you know the approximate wait time and a quote. 

What needs to be included in the email?
You can fill out our form here or send an email including your name, address, date of event, etc.  Next, we need to know the type of dress you're wanting.  What's the occasion?  Anything special like beading, layering, lacework, smocking?  What color, neckline, skirt length, sleeve length, sleeve type, etc?  Do you want pockets?  What do you need a pocket to hold?  Let us know!!

Do you have staff to help with details at our event?
Yes, Jonna.Studio's Event Group is available to help you on your special day!  We have hair stylists, nail touch ups, massage genius, make up artists and other professionals who are happy to help make your day spectacular!  Please reserve well in advance for your event.

We design decadent dresses based on your desires.  Depending on your chosen design, you will be called in for a fitting anywhere from 3 to 7 times.  

Jonna.Studio is a safe space for everyone including asthma and allergy sufferers.  In order to continue serving all of our clients, we ask that you come to your appointments free of all scents including essential oils, perfumes, body washes, deodorant, laundry scents and more.  We appreciate your help keeping our areas safe for everyone.


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