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We'd like to make your party planning as hassle free as possible, so we'll be collecting all of our favorite vendors right here!! Please contact us to be added to our Family of Entertainers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where did you come up with your name, "Jovabees?"
A: One of my favorites questions!  It's a fun name, isn't it?  Jovabees is the first 2 letters of my name and my 3 lovely daughters' names.  :)  We wanted something classy, unique and hard to forget, like us!


Q: How many children can you paint in an hour?

A: Great question!  This depends on a number of factors including how wiggly the person is, the type of paint used (waterproof takes longer), which design is chosen and more.  The general rule of thumb in our industry is 12-15 faces per artist per hour.  However, we also offer speed painting (see below).

Q: How do I book you for our event?
A: Booking Jovabees is easy!  Send us your event information here or by email, and we will be in touch within 24 hours.  We will ask for more information if needed, confirm availability and with a paid booking fee, your spot is secure on our calendar.

Q: Can you paint smaller, cheek designs to get through more children?

A: Yes, we can paint cheek art, but it is not necessarily faster!   Depending on the number of faces you are expecting, we can bring our quick design board with us.  Please let us know if your number changes so we can be prepared!  We want everyone who wants to, to have the chance to participate!

Q: I have a specific theme, and only want certain designs offered.  Is that something you can accommodate?

A: Yes!  We love themed events, and are happy to help your event be successful!!  You are probably already thinking well in advance, which is great because making sure we have ample time to prepare is important!  Please give us as much notice as possible, but no less than 2 weeks for custom design boards.

Q: What is this "Speed Painting" I've heard about?

A: I'm glad you asked!  Speed painting is a great way to paint a lot of faces in as little time as possible, especially fantastic for school and church fairs and festivals.  We offer a limited number of designs and can paint 60+ faces/hour.  This is priced separately from regular Face Painting.  Please send us your event details here for more information.

Q: What is included in your prices?

A:  Our prices are all inclusive!  That means everything from travel, set up, clean up, all materials and lots of smiles and memories are included.  Tips and gratuity are not included and never expected, but always appreciated.

Q: What is your travel area?
A: While our immediate travel area includes Delta County, we also service other parts of Colorado.  (Read the next Q for more info...)

Q: We are outside your travel area.  Is there any way you can still come??

A: We got asked this so often, that we do offer an extended travel range now, for a small additional fee.  And, since we have a network throughout the US with many fine entertainers, we now book parties and events all over, even if we cannot personally attend.  Please be sure to request your favorite artist by name, before booking, to make sure s/he is available.

Q: I'm sad you aren't available for my event.  Can you send other entertainers??
A: Yes!  We have a wonderful network of professionals who would love to entertain at your event.  They all have the same high standards you've come to expect from Jovabees and are trusted professionals.  Shoot us an email or contact us to see if we have entertainers in YOUR area!

Q: How'd you get so good?
A: Awe, thanks!  We practice everyday and are committed to being the best version of us possible, which includes our art and business.  To stay at the top of our field, we regularly take classes and build into ourselves.  And of course, our clients stretch us with fantastic special requests!  Actually, some of our favorite designs have been designed on the job, by our clients!! You can submit your special requests and fun ideas to us here.


Q: I saw someone using poster paint... Is that stuff safe??

A: NO!!  Absolutely not!  We will NEVER use acrylic paint or poster paint on people.  Products that are suitable for posters and wood should not be put onto human skin. 

We use only professional, cosmetic grade products.  It's as safe as make-up.  We have a variety of products, from cosmetic glitters and face paints, to chunky glitters, powders, bling and more. 

Q: What do you need from us?

A:  If the event is outside, we need to be in the shade in the summer and have protection from the elements in the winter.  If no shade or protection is available, we can provide a 10x10 canopy (with walls) for an extra $50. 

If the party is happening inside, we have a quick list to go through so that we send the right artist.  Some of our artists have allergies and we want to keep them safe!   

Q: Is there anything else we should know???

A:  We love delighting guests, bringing smiles and creating memories!  We'd love to help make your next event the BEST ONE EVER!

Contact us today to check availability for your next event.

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